Our Hampers

Currently being created...

We have scoured the best local farms, artisan makers, creaters and small businesses to find you the best bits for our hampers.  


Obviously not everything is local (there are not enough olive groves in Gloucestershire!) and not everything is plastic free but we are working on it and doing our best.  Due to the seasons and availability of bits we may substitute but we promise we'll do our best to make them fabulous for you!!


Most of our suppliers have slightly longer turn around times because they have to make everything so we are doing these pre order only for the moment.  Lots of bits are sold in our shop so if you can't order and want to wing it thats fine but of course we can't guarantee availability so if you know you'd like a hamper please do get in contact.  


Please note: We aren't going to swap things in and out for you but we also aren't ogres, if you'd prefer to switch a flavour of crisps or a drink on collection we are more than happy to help as long as we have the stock.


We hope you like them!

Our Hampers

Beer & crisps

Its a classic!!

A selection of 6 local Cotswold Brew Co. Beers and a packet of Two Farmers Crisps


Gin hamper

Local Sherborne Gin, 6 bottles of Fever Tree Tonic and the perfect pairing Drinks Biscuits


Meaty BBQ HAmper

Local Sausages and Burgers

Bombay Potato Salad, Crunchy Colslaw, Local Cheese, Local bread, Aubergine, Gem Lettuce, Beef Tomato, Butter and Ketchup


Vegan BBQ Hamper

Vegan Burgers and Sausages, Local Bread, Aubergine, Cous Cous Chargrilled Veg Salad, Gem Lettuce, Beef Tomato, Butter & Ketchup


Vegan Picnic Hamper

Porcini Mushroom & Spinach Quiche, Vegetable Samosa Rolls, Sharing Bag of Crisps, Peters Yard Sourdough Bites, Houmous,  Cous Cous & Chargrilled Vegetable Salad, Cotswold Fudge, Bensons Juice Bottle, Fresh Grapes/Strawberries


Meaty Picnic Hamper

Title goes here

Vegan Breakfast HAmper

Title goes here

Meaty Breakfast Hamper

Title goes here

Vegan Chilli Meal HAmper

Title goes here

Meaty Chilli Meal HAmper

Title goes here