Our Campsite Rules

campsite rules


We really do want everyone to switch off and relax with us so we have a few rules so that everyone can have a brill time knowing what to expect.


We've learned a lot over our couple of years doing this and we now have a zero tolerance policy to any rule breaking, as you can see from this website we are family run and owned, our hearts, souls and savings are in this bit of land and we care about it so deeply.  Our rules really are common sense.


We are only human but we work exceptionally hard to make this place as amazing as we possibly can and sometimes we may get it wrong, we pride ourselves on our customer service but its impossible for us to fix things if you have left the site.  Please come and see us if you have any issues and allow us the opportunity for us to make it ok.

There will be no refunds for early departure for any reason.


Our rules are for the benefit of everyone if you choose to not adhere to our simple rules you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.


We are based in a rural environment and take no responsibility for any damage, injury or inconvenience caused by weather, plants, trees, or wildlife.


We do not accept threats of bad reviews just to gain compensation.


Please be considerate of other guests late at night, as everyone is here for some quiet respite.



Sound travels a lot in the countryside, and although we may look like we are in the middle of nowhere, we do have neighbours - they are just a bit further away!



No impolite, abusive, rude behaviour from humans or dogs



Strictly no fireworks, drones or chinese lanterns

Fireworks terrify our livestock and lead to unnecessary deaths.
Candle lanterns have a nasty habit of landing in our hay and
animal barns and causing devastating fires.


No fires unless they are our prebooked fire pits or you have
informed us that you are bringing your own and it is raised off the

We reserve the right to ban campfires in extreme weather


If you have a campfire/stove/gas BBQ on our site whether hired through us or owned by you the fire is your responsibility.  We will debrief you on check in with fire safety but you must take measures to make sure it is safe at all times and extinguished before you retire for the night.


Do not empty your ashes anywhere on our site - you must speak to us and we will do it for you.


Respect our site - this goes for trees and plants as well as
buildings and contents. If any damage occurs please tell us
immediately so that we can discuss it. If you leave the site and
damage has been discovered you will be asked to pay to have
that item replaced.

No kites - we have a power cable on site.

Countryside rules

Our campsite is based close to a working farm, which is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful place, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. We all love this little haven, but we’ve kept our site separate from the farm for a reason, so please remember to observe the countryside rules.


These are super-simple rules, and we hope you understand why they are in place.

Our farmers aren’t expecting to see anyone off the footpaths, and tractors have major blind spots, so please stick to the safe paths.


We have happy cows in our lovely, big fields, but they can be terrified by dogs off leads, so please keep your pets and our cows safe.


Always leave farm gates as you find them – whether they are closed or open, it is for a reason.

Rules for Group Bookings

Our site is set up with groups in mind and we love having groups to come and stay with us.  We can't think of anything better than sitting around the campfire with best friends, fresh air tired kids, a beer or two and making memories!


As you know we are learning as we go along here and we've established over the last couple of years that groups, no matter if they are the nicest people in the world, take up space.  And this inevitably upsets those who aren't part of the group so you now have your very own rules.

You must tell us if you are part of a group at the time of booking (a group booking is 3 or more units/pitches whether they are close to each other on site or not).  If you don't tell us and we later find out you're part of a group booking you risk your booking being cancelled and not refunded.


Every member of your group must adhere to our rules and show consideration for other guests staying on our site.  The person making the booking is responsible for all members of the group


Our communal areas must not be monopolised


Each unit within a group booking is required to pay a refundable £45 security deposit, this is to make sure that everyone within the group agrees to the group conditions.  This will be automatically released to you 7 days after your departure, should there be any reason for us to retain any money we will discuss this with you directly.


If the group doesn't adhere to our simple rules you will be asked to leave with no refunds given.

CONTACT US today with any enquiries about our campsite rules.