Our Campsite Rules

Quiet Time after 10:00 p.m.

Please be considerate of other guests late at night, as everyone is here for some quiet respite.

No Loud Music

Sound travels a lot in the countryside, and although we may look like we are in the middle of nowhere, we do have neighbours - they are just a bit further away!

No Impolite Dogs (or Humans!)

This is just unnecessary and not nice. We like lovely people.

Strictly No Fireworks or Candle Lanterns

Fireworks terrify our livestock and lead to unnecessary deaths. Candle lanterns have a nasty habit of landing in our hay and animal barns and causing devastating fires.

No Damage to Property

Our family put our hearts and souls into building this place, so please respect it.

No Fires

Our insurers are sticks in the mud, so please do not start fires anywhere other than our pre-booked fire pits.

No Kites

There is a power cable running over our campsite and the risk of injury is not worth it!

Countryside Rules

Our campsite is based close to a working farm, which is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful place, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. We all love this little haven, but we’ve kept our site separate from the farm for a reason, so please remember to observe the countryside rules.

  • Our farmers aren’t expecting to see anyone off the footpaths, and tractors have major blind spots, so please stick to the safe paths.
  • We have happy cows in our lovely, big fields, but they can be terrified by dogs off leads, so please keep your pets safe.
  • Always leave farm gates as you find them – whether they are closed or open, it is for a reason.

These are super-simple rules, and we hope you understand why they are in place. We all hope you have a lovely time switching off and relaxing at our countryside hideaway.

CONTACT US today with any enquiries about our campsite rules.