good eggs

we are new at this

we want to be the best!

Please bear with us; we might be a bit slow but we are trying.  We want to be amazing!

We want to be fair; fair to you and fair to our lovely suppliers.

We want to be sustainable and plastic free as much as we can be.

We want to support our local business and employ awesome local people

we want you to be happy and rave about us!!

We probably aren't perfect but thats not going to stop us trying!!


Our energy is solely from green sources, we try and reduce, reuse, and recycle where we can.  
We use Grundon for our waste and have dry mixed recycling landfill and glass bins on site; we give out colour coded bin bags to make it easy for people to follow the guidelines

We use pressed palm plates from a UK company.  
We carefully choose the companies we use to stock our shop, most are B Corp and good eggs.  
We use local suppliers where we can and work with them.  
We are priced fairly - any cheaper and we are not fair to suppliers and any more expensive we aren’t fair to our guests

Swapping out ice blocks for free.
Using fill refill which is a closed loo cleaning and toiletry company.

Outdoor lights on timers to reduce waste and every glamp gets a solar lantern to see around the site.  
We’ve built our blocks with everything using electricity because the hope is to produce our own electricity soon.  
Using local companies who are conscious of the planet and trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use everywhere.  
Buying things that will last and can be repaired rather than thrown away.
Using solar electricity for fairy lights

COme and stay with us