Mini Farm shop

open now!!

We are so excited to have a little farm shop on site! 

We may not have been open for long but one thing everyone asks for is a farm shop so here we go!! We have stocked our little shop with all the essentials you could need.  We are sticking with our guns and being as local and eco friendly as possible.

Most of our fabulous goodies are made within shouting distance and have been very carefully researched and approved by our in house critics (India, Bunty and Fergus!)

All of our products come from lovely people and they are amazing!

What do you stock?

We stock all your essentials including; meat, dairy and larder items as well as Ale, Lager, Cider, G+T, Wine and soft drinks and juices along with some fruit and veg


We have refillable shampoos/conditioners and body wash and toiletries


We also have some gift items too!!





Freezer and Fridge items

We've got a full fridge with fresh milk, meat, cheese, meats, lager, gin and cider and a freezer with yummy ice creams, meat, and ice


MinI Traditional Sweetshop

Inside a mini castle in our farm shop we have a super cool new traditional sweet shop.  Select the weight your happy with and let your kids weigh out some old school favourites until the scales balance!

Milk shake bar

Choose from our amazing milkshake syrups and add to our fresh milk to make the most delicious milkshakes!

Coffee shop

Grab a coffee from our utterly gorgeous coffee machine 'Carlotta'.  She and 'Gino' the Grinder are completely made for each other!

Carlotta is a mechanical coffee machine, there's no electronics forcing water through coffee here; it takes a little longer to make a coffee but its worth it.  Just sit back and watch as the handle slowly returns to the top - Heaven!

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