About us

My name is Kim, and I have built this campsite, along with my amazing husband Angus and my 3 crazy kids; India, Bunty, and Fergus. Angus’ family have run the farm for many years (and generations), so the land here is very special to us. 


Angus and I had a fab idea to rewild our little field and we want to share our patch of the Cotswolds so we decided to run a small, friendly campsite. We wanted it to be as welcoming, comfortable, and as nature filled as possible to give you peace and relaxation and we have worked hard to achieve this.  


We have a vision of an airy woodland setting scattered with silver birch trees, natural hedgerows, even some cozy hidey holes for visiting hedgehogs - come and see what you can spot! This has been a couple of years in the making but has been made in 2019 so it is young (bear with us!) but it’ll grow into a beautiful haven for nature and a great place to escape!


Situated at the top of the hill overlooking the Windrush Valley, less than a mile from Bourton-on-the-Water, otherwise known as ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’, our campsite is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to holiday somewhere peaceful right in the centre of the Cotswolds.


 We hope all of our guests have a brilliant time here and switch off from all the stresses of modern life while exploring the beautiful villages and countryside of the Cotswolds. Should you have any questions or needs, please get in touch.

How we Work


Not only do we want a natural and fab retreat but we are trying so hard to be as eco friendly, ethical, kind in business (and in person!), supportive of our local community, and generally all round good eggs as we can be


We are sourcing everything we can from the best places, products made by talented people as local as we can get them and we are super strict on what we compromise on.  We are employing locally and we pay our suppliers and staff fair rates for their skills and expertise and we thank them for being part of the Wildings.


We know we aren't perfect but we are trying and, of course, none of this is a new concept, we are just trying to save the planet on a big scale by doing our bit and starting small scale with our little slice of countryside.  


We love where we are and we are so excited to share it with you.

How the Site Works

We want to give all our guests an amazing experience while staying with us, therefore we have designed our site to give you the best value for money, while also offering lots of options, so you can make it the perfect break for you.

We want to take any hassle out of camping for you and so have created a 'design your own holiday' campsite.

Love the idea of camping but don't know where to start? Then grab one of our gorgeous yurts add some extras and all you need is your fabulous selves and something to wear.

Alternatively you're a seasoned camper and have most of the kit? Then just take your pick of our pitch options and bring the rest! 

Utterly simple and tailor made for you and of course you only have to pay for what suits you!

We also offer a relaxing Cookhouse for all our guests to share where there are kitchen facilities, two fridges, sofas, games, books, and all sorts of other things to make your stay comfortable.

For children, we have a fab little play area to keep them busy while you make supper or relax with a book!

There is parking for guests arriving by car

CONTACT OUR friendly team at our campsite to book your stay.