Welcome to our family friendly campsite

We can't wait to welcome you to our lovely new camp site surrounded by the family farm. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a break from busy city life or a relaxing family holiday, we think it is the perfect location right in the very heart of the gorgeous Cotswolds!! 

What we are about

We love camping! We love the outdoors! We love nature! 

We love it all but if we are really honest with ourselves there are some things that

we don't want to deal with and those things all depend on the stuff that life has thrown at us at the time..

...Can anyone relate?


I adore the experience of spending time outside with my kids camping, cooking outdoors, telling stories around the campfire,

little ones falling asleep huddled under the stars with rosy red fresh air busting cheeks and smiles on their faces...


We know about the real life jenga game packing the car and the inevitable discussion of why such a small car was a good decision


We know that some of the rustic back to nature dreams add to the fun and it builds character however sometimes I feel the day to day grind has built enough character thank you very much and so to be able to have a nice hot shower and a fresh hot latte and to pick and choose what makes my holiday easier for me and my own personal demons sounds pretty good...  


Welcome to The Wildings


Choose where you'd like to stay and glamp your stay with whatever makes life easier for you!!  



We have a relaxing Cook House for all our guests to share where there is a fully fitted kitchen, 2 fridges, sofas, games, books, and all sorts of other things to make your stay comfortable.

We have hot showers and flushing loos!

For children, we have a traditional old fashioned sweetshop where they can weigh out their own sweets, a milkshake bar, a fairy door hunt, fab little play areas to keep them busy and burn off some energy while you make supper or relax with a book!

There is plenty of parking too

Call or email us for a natter about our fab Boutique camping options