Meet our team

Our fabulous people who make everything happen


Hi! The Wildings is one of my babies and is my heart and soul realised in wood and canvas.  I love this place and I want all our lovely guests to have an amazing wonderful time here but I am nothing without my incredible team who rise to the challenge every time I utter the words 'I've had an amazing idea!' 


I love them all and without them this place lacks its colour.


Introducing The Wildings Superstar! 

Ashleigh has been with us since day 1 and is the most smiley person on the planet!  She is the go to girl on site and manages everything seamlessly and is my rock.  She doesn't baulk when I have a new idea yet rises to the challenge and keeps a steady hand on the tiller.

She can often be seen heavily multi tasking whilst being chased down by my children with her shadow Maisie in tow

The world would be a better place if it was full of more Ashleighs 


My gorgeous little Arlo is the friendliest and cuddliest puppy.  

He is very young, still learning the ropes, a bit rubbish at the day to day running of a business but is always on hand for a cuddle!

Mummy Sharon

Kims Mum!

My Mum, AKA Nana, is a legend, always beavering away and ready to lend a helping hand anywhere its needed

Often seen on site being bribed and coerced by my children

Dad Charlie

Kims Dad!

Made the mistake of retiring.

Complete legend, my landscaping go to

AKA Papa, can also often be seen on site being browbeaten by the Grandchildren!!


Ashleighs loyal shadow, Maisie is a very sweet little cocker who works very hard to make sure that Ashleigh is in her line of sight at all times!

Loves Belly rubs and dog icecream