Meet our team

Our fabulous people who make everything happen


Hi! The Wildings is one of my babies and is my heart and soul realised in wood and canvas.  I love this place and I want all our lovely guests to have an amazing wonderful time here but I am nothing without my incredible team who rise to the challenge every time I utter the words 'I've had an amazing idea!' 


I love them all and without them this place lacks its colour.


Introducing The Wildings Superstar! 

Ashleigh has been with us since day 1 and is the most smiley person on the planet!  She is the go to girl on site and manages everything seamlessly and is my rock.  She doesn't baulk when I have a new idea yet rises to the challenge and keeps a steady hand on the tiller.

She can often be seen heavily multi tasking whilst being chased down by my children with her shadow Maisie in tow

The world would be a better place if it was full of more Ashleighs 


Our newest pack member Kiwi is a very crazy Flat Coat.  She is so sweet, cuddly and loves belly rubs


My gorgeous little Arlo is the friendliest and cuddliest goldie.  

He is still learning the ropes, a bit rubbish at the day to day running of a business but is always on hand for a cuddle!


Ashleighs loyal shadow, Maisie is a very sweet little cocker who works very hard to make sure that Ashleigh is in her line of sight at all times!

Loves Belly rubs and dog icecream